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En relación al accionar del Embajador norteamericano

Me permito compartir, íntegramente, con ustedes una carta que le fue enviada al Subsecretario del Departamento de Estado Norteamericano, William J. Burns, la cual me fue remitida con la sugerencia de que se haga una para firmar. Si deseas utilizar este contenido, parte de el o simplemente firmar por grupos y enviar, como nos sugiere su autor, aquí se las dejo. De igual forma tu comunicación puede ser enviada en español a:

Diga NO al accionar del embajador de los Estados Unidos de America, ante el gobierno dominicano.
Escriba al: Deputy Secretary: William J.

Mr. Burns:

Without any prejudice against the LGBT community and or individuals that have a different sexual orientarion than the heterosexual I would like to join my voice to many other in the DR that object Ambassador Brewster and his husband acitivities in our country; this E-Mail is a chain initiated by others genuinely preocupied with the current state of affairs.

Ambassador Brewster and husband have made their LGBT activism their main objective in what appears to be a personal agenda while representing the Goverment of the USA. Is only fair to comment that they have been welcomed by every segment of the active social and economic sectors of the country (besides evangelical and other christian denomination churches)

The United States of America are the principal commercial relation (not the main foreing investor) of the Dominican Republic and we as nation have a presence of over 1.5 MM US residents from Dominican origins in your country that with their remital of dollars account for close to 8% of our GDP. Therefore is the feeling of many that the multi sectorial issues between the two countries should carry more specific weigth than the promotion of LGBT community rights. Dominican Republic is a country where discrimination towards: race, sexual orientation is practically non existent and we have had well known: Captains of Industry, Politicians, high society members as well as omnipresence of gays in every socioeconomic sector of the Dominican life, without having a single ”crime of hate” or discrimination whatsoever. As an historical and courious fact during 1965 Dominican civil war a comando of gays was active and well respected by all combatants on either side of the conflict . Ambassador Brewster should be able to confirm that in fact that discrimination it’s not present in DR, due to warm and friendly relations wich in around only six months of presence in our country he and his husband had been able to cultivate.

With sincere wishes that our most important diplomatic relation takes the route of mutually beneficial dealings and not the one of the few that by no means are threatened or discriminated in our country and certainly neither by yours truly.


Ps. Please excuse the miss speled words, English is a second language and my tablet does not have an english dictionary.

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