Allow me to Introduce Myself

 How firmly committed I am to the ideas and beliefs that govern my thinking and guide my behavior is something that after so many years of life, for the grace of God, am convince of. Like someone who can sleep comfortably on either side of the bed. I am equally at home with ideas and beliefs that I have held for a long time and with new ways of thinking and believing that grow out of my intellectual curiosity.

My sense of who I am and what my place is in the wold around me rest on values and principles that are the solid ground I walk upon. I tested them, they work for me, and much of the time I am content to trust them, that is, until some provocative new idea slips in from a conversation, book or some flight of my active imagination. Then I go “Hmmmmmmm. What’s this. Never thought of it before.” And off I go, exploring.

Since I love to learn, I always been teachable or trainable as we said on my field; I absorb new information, which means I am well-educated in things that matter to me. Sometimes my intellectual exploration will lead me back to where I started; maybe the “next new thing” proves too shallow or impractical to me. But once in a while a new idea or belief will dislodge me from the ground I had stood upon; it is so compelling and persuasive that I can step away from the tried-and-true and embrace this notion that is brand new to me, that always motivate it me, one strong reason of mine pasion for the Liver Transplant and resection.

Moreover, I am flexible enough to listen to something new and different, or something outside of my comfort zone; if it works for me. I’ll take it in, and if not, I’ll let it go. In this sense, I know who I am: I am neither closed-minded nor wildly open-minded, but walk somewhere near the middle of the intellectual road. I am very accepting of others, flexible in my own intellectual commitments, well-informed in areas that matter to me, and comfortable aware of who I was, am, and with the grace of the Lord will be, be where I stand. This combination had make me a desirable companion on the intellectual journey for many, many people. Because I hold solid beliefs and are open to new ideas, I very much accepting of others people and other ways of thinking and believing. On the light of that I am able to visited a Jehovah Witness’s Congregation (JW) and stay firm and determine in my spiritual grow and fortification of my friendship with the Lord.

In regard to the remarks made to a flattering letter I got from a Japanese colleague. Believe or not they are multiple people, who really knows me and professional evaluations I have taken since my days in high school up until few weeks ago, all shows the same conclusion. Perhaps that is why I choose business as a major or maybe that is why I have always worked in academic hospitals, not in private practices. That might be why I have always worked for a salary or for free, just helping those in need and God always providing for me in one way or another. It could be the reason of my involvement in politics at a very young age which have allowed me to made huge different in peoples life in every step of this journey call life. That should be the reason why when serving others or the commonwealth I have never put a price tag to it. But hey, humans are entitle to their wrongful opinion. They are a hand full of persons in the planet that think that I only care about me to the point of feel joy in disrespect me. It makes no different to me what others think or do any more. On the contrary, I have been respected from all types of people all over the planet, friends, relatives or estrangers as some one refert to the visiting Japanese surgeon.

Furthermore, Looking to a recently writing letter about my character that I asked some one, physician too, who knows me since elementary school, to write for me, he wrote : “he always was willing to help other classmates when they were in any kind of need and the Dominican Republic community if there was any disaster showing no only compassion, but leadership” many people have admired my personality from my very infancy, that has been the story of my life.

In conclusion, many in the world had found me trustworthy and therefore an attractive companion on the intellectual journey. They appreciate the combination in me of open-mindedness and a commitment to the tried-and-true as they say. In an intellectual climate sometimes dominated by the extremes of either wild innovation or dug-in traditionalism, I am moderate in my views and my proper acceptance of a wide range of possibilities is a distinctive and refreshing quality I been told. Because I join my curiosity to strong foundational ideas and beliefs and practical solutions to problems, people will trust my occasional explorations into new territories to be reliable, and not “something new for newness sake”. Again what should I make of those comments. “Hmmmmm, what opinions should I value and consider”. Professionals in the field, mentors, teachers, professors, directors, dear friends, pears, real family or the cries of a insecure being. “Hmmmm difficult decision”

by Victor Garrido.

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